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Free Get Started
  • Unlimited data uploads and storage
  • Orthomosaic processing (2,000 photos)
  • Create layer annotations
  • Manage datasets
  • One click data share
  • Advanced search functions
  • Discover & access global data
  • Download raw data


USD $19 Beta monthly price
  • All Essentials Features
  • Download orthomosaics (1 per month)
  • Stream orthomosaics (via TMS unlimited)
  • Private datasets (2)
  • Save layer annotations into projects (3 projects)
  • Access DEMs (Q2 2023)


USD $49 Beta monthly price
  • All Essentials features
  • Download orthomosaics (5 per month)
  • Stream orthomosaics (via TMS unlimited)
  • Private datasets (10)
  • Save layer annotations into projects (10 projects)
  • Access DEMs (Q2 2023)
  • Advanced cartographic outputs


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  • All Essentials & Professional features
  • Integrated APIs
  • Organisational dashboards
  • Custom analytics
  • Private datasets and embargoes
  • Learning management system

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As a company in agile development, we are constantly refining our products and services based on user feedback and testing.

Our Beta period for our Advanced and Professional subscription means that the full feature list for this subscription level has not yet been fully implemented.

We are committed to getting new features to our community as soon as possible, so we are working with a small group of users to get feedback on these features as they are released for a discounted price.

GeoNadir is built on AWS managed cloud servers in Australia. 

You will always be able to download the raw data you upload for free.

Orthomosaics are downloaded as GeoTIFF images.

TMS stands for Tile Mapping Service. You use a TMS to stream an orthomosaic to other platforms as a basemap.

This saves you having to download the files then reupload them to a 3rd party. 

On our YouTube channel we have examples of how you can stream TMS to ArcGIS, ArcGIS Pro, and QGIS

Yes. As our commitment to FAIR principles our Essentials offering will always be free.

There are 2 ways in which datasets can be stored on GeoNadir.

One way is on FAIR Geo which is publicly accessible.

The other is via private datasets where the only person who can access the dataset is the owner of the account.  

The private datasets you upload will always remain private unless you choose to make them publicly available (FAIR).

If your subscription lapses your datasets will remain on the platform, won’t be deleted, and won’t be accessible by anyone else. However, you will also lose access.

They will appear greyed out under your My Datasets folder. 

To regain access, simply restart your subscription.

If you don’t use all the orthomosaic downloads that you have bought within a month the remainder will get added to your quota for the following month. 

Eg. If you buy the Professional package you will get 5 orthomosaic downloads allocated to your account per month. If you use 3 of them in month 1 then the remaining 2 will be allocated to month 2. This will mean you have 7 downloads available in month 2. 

Yes. You are able to do this at any time. Upgrades will happen automatically, and downgrades will occur at the end of the month you pre-paid for.

We don’t currently offer a free trial, however we recommend signing up for our Essentials offering which is free of charge and gives you a good opportunity to explore most of the features that are available in the paid subscriptions.

Yes. If you are an organisation that wants to have multiple users associated with a single account then contact us to discuss an Enterprise arrangement.

Projects are available under the ‘My Projects’ section of the GeoNadir platform and allow you to save the layers and annotations you create. 

This feature is available to purchase as part of our Advanced and Professional subscriptions. You have access to 3 projects under our Advanced subscription, and 10 projects under our Professional subscription.