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Benefits and Pricing

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  • Data Uploads and Storage
  • Orthomosaic Processing
  • Create Layer Annotations
  • Manage Data Collections
  • One Click Data Share
  • Curated Showcases
  • Advanced Search Functions
  • Discover & Access Global Data
  • Download Raw Data


$ TBC Beta Coming Soon
  • All Free Features
  • Stream Orthomosaics (WMS)
  • Download Orthomosaics
  • Access DEMs
  • Save Layer Annotations
  • Advanced Cartographic Outputs


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  • All Free & Premium Features
  • Integrated APIs
  • Organisational Dashboards
  • Custom Analytics
  • Private Collections and Embargoes
  • Learning Management System

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We will first release some of our premium features to our beta testers at no cost. We will give members adequate notice of at least two months before moving to a paid monthly model.

The features under our Premium membership are currently in various stages of development. We will release these benefits to the community as soon as they have passed internal testing. You can expect to see several of these features in by the middle of 2022.

As a company in agile development, we are constantly refining our products and services based on user feedback and testing. We are committed to providing the best possible benefits and pricing to community, and moving quickly to return value to our membership. Beta  features are those we release to you for free or reduced cost for testing before they are ‘perfect’ so that we can continue to refine the product based on your user feedback.

GeoNadir is built on AWS managed cloud servers in Australia. 

You will be able to download your raw data you upload for free.