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Our mission is to help to fuel a new era of data-driven environmental policy and management decisions, enabling us to solve the world’s most intractable climate problems and save at-risk ecosystems. Let’s partner to make an impact!​

Partner With Us

We’re searching for partners who are passionate about using a data-driven approach to protecting the planet. ​

Whether you’re looking to become a referral partner, a data partner, own a solution or want to build one together, we are ready to chat. We believe strongly in co-creation and know that our partners are critical to mission success.​

Different Ways To Work With Us

GeoNadir supports organisations to integrate their services and products with GeoNadir
with expert level support through the following three tracks.​

Partners Enterprise Partner Track

Enterprise Partner Track

This track is for organisations that require multiple users and for their data to be managed through an enterprise account. Enterprise customers are provided with additional support to ensure they are meeting best practices for spatial data and maximising the potential uses of their data.
Partners API Partner Track

API Partner Track

This track is for organisations that want to develop an application using the GeoNadir data, which aligns to the vision and mission of GeoNadir. API Partners are provided with access to the GeoNadir sandbox API for development purposes, and for their application to be hosted on the GeoNadir marketplace with access to the live GeoNadir API.
API Technology Partner Track

Technology Partner Track

This track is for organisations that offer a service or technology that is adjacent or complementary to GeoNadir. We provide Technology Partners with support to develop and integrate with GeoNadir.

Our Supporters

James Cook University GeoNadir

James Cook University

JCU supports Dr. Karen Joyce (JCU Senior Lecturer / GeoNadir Co-Founder and Chief Scientist) through the Sandpit to Seed Commercialisation Fund.

Naxa GeoNadir


Naxa is the Software Development Partner for GeoNadir. The NAXA team are experts in developing geospatial technology, software, and drone hardware.

She Maps GeoNadir

She Maps

She Maps is the Education Partner for GeoNadir, connecting with schools to collect, store, and analyse drone data.

GeoNadir Odonota

Odonata is a not-for-profit entity supporting biodiversity impact solutions. The Co-Founders have been part of an Odonata led, environment focused accelerator program, providing support to bring GeoNadir to fruition.