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We make drone mapping even better

Manage, process, analyse, and collaborate with your drone mapping data
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All your data in one place

We store an unlimited amount of your drone mapping data for free, with an option to contribute to our global repository. No more sifting through hard drives to find what you need!

Western US satellite image with listing of environmental drone mapping datasets
Series of three environmental drone mapping images in an urban area shown as a drone orthomosaic, digital surface model, and digital terrain model

Processing done for you

We process your drone mapping data to create orthomosaics, digital surface models, and digital terrain models for free to use on GeoNadir. No fancy computer needed, no ‘pay-per-gigapixel’ calculations.

Analyze with ease

Intuitively measure and annotate your drone mapping data without all the GIS hassles. Import and export vectors, download datasets, or stream directly into your favourite spatial platforms to feed your AI algorithms.

Environmental drone mapping image with overlaid polygon annotations related to land cover
Environmental drone mapping image with overlaid annotation polygons and comments

Collaborate interactively

Share your drone mapping with your team and clients. Interactively incorporate team insights with our multi-player tools. View, comment on*, and edit* shared projects in real time – or any time.
*coming soon

Expand your analytics

Access data from our global community to develop your own AI models and calibrate and validate your geospatial products. Backfill your projects with data from around the world to extend your coverage.

Topographic map with dots displaying data points of environmental drone mapping data. Three drone mapping overlays in different environments

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