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The market leader in drone mapping technology is a beast of a piece of software. But what if you don’t need *every* feature that they offer, and instead just want a simple affordable way to create, store, process, and collaborate on orthomosaics?

That’s where we come in. Once you’ve captured your footage, use GeoNadir to process raw drone imagery to high-quality orthomosaics fast. Whether 10 images or 10,000, upload, process, share and collaborate easily with GeoNadir.

Photo of Christine Munisteri
“Being able to upload drone imagery and create an orthomosaic so someone else can compare six years later is phenomenal.”

- Christine M.

Engineer, GEO Jobe

Photo of Dr. Eric Lawry
“Hats off to the technical team running GeoNadir, the site works very well and is very easy to use.”

- Dr. Eric Lawry

Australian Institute of Marine Science

Photo of Jaelen Meyers
“I’m so glad I found GeoNadir. the processing software is excellent at rendering my images and I can use the interactive features to make measurements and create layers.”

- Jaelen Myers

Doctoral Candidate, James Cook University

Orthomosaics in seconds - with zero hassle

“I love that I’m able to do all this without the need for other mapping software which makes my efforts a lot more efficient.”

- JCU, Marine Biologist

Runs on anything

“The cloud processing and hosting increased the efficiency and accessibility of my work.”

- Zac Adie


“Being able to quickly upload and process your data in the cloud while out in the field allows people back in the office to review the data in near real-time – Phenomenal.”

- Christine M, Engineer

Fast processing of DEMs and orthomosaics

“Using GeoNadir, I have been able to map and analyze Victoria’s unique environments all within a simple and intuitive online interface.”

- Zac Adie, Bushland Regenerator

Collaborate and add layers of vector data on your orthomosaics

“The idea of a catalog of our coastlines and vulnerable areas is very important to me.”

- Nick Matuche

Need help? We're here!

“Fantastic, easy-to-use site to store, manage, and share drone imagery. Thank you for making my life easier! :-)”

- Dr Stephanie Duce, James Cook University

Loved by environmental teams all over the world.

“We were super impressed with its processing features and user-friendly interface compared to software such as Metashape.”

- Dr Tommy Fellowes

University of Sydney

Photo of Bobby Quinn

“I’m in love with your product.”

- Bobby Quinn


Photo of Dr. Stephanie Duce

“Fantastic, easy-to-use site to store, manage, and share drone imagery. Thank you for making my life easier!”

- Dr Stephanie Duce

James Cook University


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