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Revolutionize your data management

All your drone mapping data organized in one place, free and ready for you to analyze. Optionally contribute to our global drone data repository and stop searching through hard drives today!

Western US satellite image with listing of environmental drone mapping datasets
Series of three environmental drone mapping images in an urban area shown as a drone orthomosaic, digital surface model, and digital terrain model

Simplified, hassle-free processing

We take care of your data processing, delivering high-quality orthomosaics, DSMs, and DTMs, absolutely free. No expensive hardware or complex cloud pricing models – our service does it all, effortlessly.

Intuitive and versatile analysis

Measure and annotate your data without the typical GIS complexities. Seamlessly import/export vectors, access datasets, or integrate with your preferred spatial platforms to supercharge your AI algorithms.

Environmental drone mapping image with overlaid polygon annotations related to land cover
Environmental drone mapping image with overlaid annotation polygons and comments

Boost collaboration seamlessly

Share your drone mapping projects with your team and clients. Our real-time multi-player tools enable interactive mapping, so you can view and comment on shared projects anytime, fostering deeper client engagement.

Unleash analytics potential

Tap into a vast global data hub to fuel your AI models. Validate and calibrate your geospatial products with ease. Enhance your projects by integrating global data, extending your coverage to unlock limitless possibilities.

Topographic map with dots displaying data points of environmental drone mapping data. Three drone mapping overlays in different environments

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